Monday, January 26, 2015

Has Access To Primary Care Improved?


No matter what side of the isle you sit on, if we put politics aside for a moment, we all can agree convenient, affordable, quality health care for all members in any given community is something any society should strive for.  In recent years the evolution of the health care industry has been moving at lightning speed, both internally and externally.  From how your physician is reimbursed, to how you access health care with the dawn of the Affordable Care Act, it’s hard to keep up.  So, is all the change actually making access to primary care easier no matter your level of income?

If we look at an organization like Community Health Center of the North Country (CHCNC), the argument can be put forth that progress has been made.  With Federally Qualified Health Centers in Malone, Canton, and Gouverneur, their facilities meet rigorous governance, quality of care and cost standards, you can access convenient health care whether your family is fully insured or has no insurance whatsoever.  To accommodate the uninsured or under insured, they offer a sliding fee scale for most services, based on your family size and income.

Access and affordability are not the only key elements.  Quality has to be in place for you to trust the physicians treating your family.  Amongst the staff of highly trained professionals are physicians like Dr. Andrew Williams.  In addition to working as a physician and serving as the Medical Director for CHCNC, Dr. Williams has privileges at Canton-Potsdam Hospital. He plays a leadership role there where he is the assistant chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Williams has also received numerous awards and honors for academic achievement, and in recognition of his teaching skills, including Fellowship in the American College of Physicians, and AOA medical honor society.

The health care system, which we all need, is still far from perfect.  Having access to facilities and physicians, as described above, is progress for those of us who call the North Country home.  Discover the next generation of healthcare at

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